Thursday, August 30, 2012


What if for a moment,
We could imagine our lives as a painting?
The canvas beautifully designed by
The Master Artist.
Each moment crafted,
Especially for us.
But, the canvas our lives are-
Painted upon,
Is continually changing.
One layer upon the next.
And, maybe when we die,
At one miraculous moment-
The layers of the canvas, 
Of our lives-
Begin to peel away,
And we are awash-
With the beauty of God's handiwork.
The paint takes life-
It surrounds us,
And at once-
We are able to see,
The entire picture.
It is enveloping-
The whole canvas,
Just perfectly for us.
What a moment that will be.
When everything makes sense.
And our questions are answered,
And we can see-
The vision the Painter had in mind,
Our entire lives.
When every moment suddenly fits,
And a knowledge that surpasses-
All understanding
Is beautifully presented to us.

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