Friday, August 10, 2012

Sisters By Choice

I always prayed for a sister.  I remember being a child and longing for someone to have the same genetic make-up as me.  I was missing that huge X chromosome from my life.  I begged my parents to adopt a girl so I wasn't alone.  That plea fell on deaf ears; for a reason. 

The day Kati came into my life, I rejoiced.  I loved her from the get-go.  Fast car driving, hell-on-wheels, and all.  We all did.  She was such a spark in our life, she was what we were missing.  My mother embraced her, my father said, "Hello, Kati."  And that, was that.  She did not need our approval, but she had it.

She has been with us through hurt and healing.  Smiles and pain.  She's been there through all of that.  The days leading up to the point when I lost my dad, Kati was a light.  She comforted me across miles and then again across a simple touch of the hand.  Kati was there and I would not want it any other way. 

She was one of the ones I seeked out during my father's last days, and if I'm honest, his last breaths.  She never forsake me. She was always there. 

And, now, more than ever, I leave her in the care of my brother's heart.   She's the one who will comfort him, hold him, love him, and carry him on-when miles separate us from each other.

God sent us her.  My sweet, Kati-Mae...He knew what he was doing when he forgot to bless me with a sister by blood.  He gave me a sister that is so much deeper than that, my sister by choice, my sister forever, my sister whom I love-I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

I love you, Kate. 



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