Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I See Him

I see him everywhere,
Even though he's gone.
Eyes wide open,
And eyes closed shut-
I see him.
In this haze of grief,
I see him-
He lives.
I see him at every turn I make.
I see him in the
Knickknacks that surrounded him,
The "things" he loved.
I see him in his shoes,
Waiting to be worn-
Missing him and the work,
That they required.
They long to feel the dirt beneath,
Their soles.
I see him in a signature,
The ink barely dry.
I see him.
On this land-
The land he lived with,
Lived for.
Raised his family,
And himself upon.
I see him in stories shared.
I see him in his friends.
I see him in my mother's gestures.
I see him in the faces of my brothers,
His grandchildren,
And me.
I see him.
Not with my eyes,
But with my heart, my soul, my memories-
In every step of my life,
I see him.
And, that is what matters.
He taught me that you cannot always envision,
What is truly there.
Sometimes you have to have faith.
And understand that,
You cannot fathom what riches-
There are to be behold,
If only you can believe.
Because of that,
And because of him-
I know that one day,
I will see him again.
I have no doubt.
With eyes that can actually witness,
What God has intended all along.
The first time I will see Him.

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