Friday, August 17, 2012

In Time

Another day rises,
And another sun sets.
Summer in the plains,
Tips her bonnet and bids

She takes with her,
The life and memories-
Of everything I knew.
And she leaves me with-
The death of fall.

From now,
And for always-
My life will not be measured
By seasons.

It will be measured-
In time.
The time before,
And the time after.

Time before holds everything
That was familiar.
Holidays, phone calls.
Just because.

Time after is just beginning.
Time after is something-
I cannot quite wrap my head around.
The ticking of my clock starts now.

At times she is slow.
And others she is swift.
But, she cannot do the one
Thing I wish she could.

She cannot rewind.
She cannot start over.
There's only now.
There's only tomorrow.

So, strap those boots on tight.
Double-knot them,
And get out into the murky water-
That is your now.

Trudge on.
Follow your heart,
You'll find your way.

Don your hat of fall,
Don't tuck it down so far,
That you cannot see the sun.
It's there.

Have the faith to feel him on your shoulder.
To warm your face.
Touch your heart.
Soothe your soul.

You'll get to where you're going.
In time.

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