Sunday, August 12, 2012


Friendhips are not built in a day.
They are watered, tended to, and cultivated-
Over years.
True friendships,
Span miles,
And phone calls-
And recognition,
With a simple touch of the heart-
Or a song in their voice.
Friendships make you who you are,
And carry you when the going gets tough.
True friendships,
Hold strong.
They urge you to believe,
Just how loved you are.
When you cannot see it with-
Your own eyes. 
They will never let you forget-
True friendships,
Will love you through-
The thick and the thin,
Laughter and tears.
Hope and heartache.
They will love you today,
They loved you yesterday,
And they will love you tomorrow.
They will love you,

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