Friday, August 3, 2012

The Heart of a Warrior

I come from Viking stock.  Thick warrior blood courses through my body.  My ancestors faced unknown challenges in that icy tundra with perseverance and determination. 

My warrior blood comes from my father.  For centuries the fighter spirit of our kin has been passed down through generations, and now, finds life within father, my father's children, and my father's grandchildren.  It is a gift that's been honed for years.  Thank God for that, because now we're cashing in.

My father has a heart of a warrior.  He is quite simply, the strongest man I've ever met; even if you cannot see it from the outside.  He is facing his own icy tundra, but those of us who love him, would never know the pain he must feel. 

Even in his own hour of need, he is not thinking of himself.  Rather, the depths of his love for us shines on us and warms us.  He is wrapping us in a blanket of comfort, love, courage, faith, and family.  To understand how loved we are is enough to cause me to fall apart.  There are no words to describe what it feels like to know he is head-over-heels in love with everyone of us.  He will always protect us. 

My father carries on the tradition of those who have come and left before him.  Their spirit is very much alive in this modern day Viking.  But, unlike his forefathers, he comes in peace; he always has.  This Viking I know has the most gentle spirit.  He is honest.  He is fair.  He is loyal.  He is extremely witty and wildly funny.  He has never met a stranger. 

I hope when his warrior ship reaches its final destination, it is met with a quiet breeze, that will usher in all of those who have helped to make the Viking-who is giving us the warrior strength we will need to go on.

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