Thursday, August 2, 2012

Suitcase For Heaven

If I could pack you a suitcase for heaven,
What would I include?
I would fold you up a summer day,
With the flowers in full bloom.

I would fill your pockets with
Love letters,
Written from me to you.
One for each day
I will live my life without you.

I would bid you safe travels,
With the rich soil from your home.
I would tie it in a knapsack,
For with you it must go.

And just for you,
I would tuck away-
Little pieces of my heart.
Because home is where the heart is,
And my heart will go with you.

I would decorate your suitcase,
With pictures from your past.
In hopes that when you see them,
You know your memory will forever last.

I would blow in a thousand kisses,
With a wish that you would plant-
One upon your face,
If you happen to feel sad.

If I could pack you a suitcase for heaven,
The one thing I would like to send-
Is all the love I have for you,
Until we meet again. 

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