Friday, August 17, 2012

And, So I Write

And, so I write.
I let the pen and the paper,
And the swift strokes of the keyboard
Take away some of the hurt.

That's why I write.
To let it go.
To free the anguish
From my soul.

And, so I write.
To ease what's been bottled up.
In places,
I don't care to go.

But, it's easier,
Than saying those words
Out loud.

I hurt.
We all do.
But, some hurts
Are forever.

And, to my
"Forever Hurts"
This is a place for you
To live.
Because I cannot keep you.
You'll crush me if I do.
But, live you must.
And, live with you
I have no choice.

So, here it is.
A window into my heart,
My hurt.
To peer into my new world.

Pen to paper.
Fingers to keys.
A sweet release,
To go help me go on.

And, so I write.

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