Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Things I Love

I am an Iowan girl living in an Arizona world, but the things I love still remain true.

I love family.  I adore a sense of belonging.  I cherish friendships; those that are near and those that remain far.

When I look out upon my horizon, I see magnificent backgrounds.  It may be the mighty Saguaro, or the simplicity of the oak.  The thorns of life and the comfort of leaves.  Each one has become my home.

The wind is the same; each one whispers a song that sings a verse of comfort and love.

Life knows no boundaries. Love doesn't have barriers.  It captures you and blankets you in a sweet embrace.  Through all of life's trials, the important things will never betray you.  They seem to wrap you up, sing their song, and send you off on the perfect wings of love.