Tuesday, July 10, 2012


(A Very Open Love Letter to My Son)
Dear Tate,

I was just laying in bed, thinking about you, and this blog, which was originally started as a way of dealing with my pain of finding out about how fragile x has affected our family, and I realized the only thing that was missing from this page was you.  So, my sweet, amazing son, this one's for you.

I think every parent out there says they cannot imagine their life without their children, but, T, this holds so true for you.  Your daddy and I so often say that you are our miracle.  When you're old enough to realize just how special you are and how genetics work, I hope that you will realize what a blessing from God we think you are. 

You are so smart, loving, and caring.  You need only be taught something once and it holds firm in your mind.  I find so much pleasure in watching you learn and grow.  I also find joy beyond my wildest expectations in conversations with you.  You are wise beyond your years.  I hope that never changes.

I'm sure you are realizing that our family is not the "norm", and Mommy and Daddy spend a lot of time trying to figure out the most basic things.  I hope you know that it's because we love you and your brother so much.  We only want what's best for both of you.

I see in you so many traits that I wish I had, Tate.  Your capacity for love is unparalleled.  You accept everyone who you meet without question.  You have a heart of gold.  You are kind, sincere, and thoughtful.  You are such a good person.  I hope that I can continue to nurture that innateness within you.  You were born with a beautiful soul.
So, my son, my wonderful son, my wish for you is to always know how much I love you and that you never feel left behind.  I think you are beyond amazing.  I'm proud to be your mother in even your weakest moments, because those are the times that will build your character. 

I will never let you fall.  I will always have a hand there to help you up.  No matter what life has in store for all of us, you are a part of me that I hold dear.  I love you.  You mean everything to me.




  1. The blessing you have in Tate is felt through your amazing words and he is so lucky to have you as his mommy! Hugs to you, Sarah! Tears are flowing down my cheeks!