Monday, July 9, 2012

The Harvest of a Wildflower

In the winter of 2010, when I was very (uncomfortably) pregnant with Trek, Tate and I planted a few seedlings in a pot in our backyard.  Over the years, we have watched them grow, flower, and become a wonderful plant despite the scorching Arizona heat and cold desert nights.  Recently, it has been brought to my attention how full of life our plant has become.  I cannot help but draw the parallels between those seedlings and my Trek.  Sometimes, you forget about what needs to be done to make your crop flourish; it just becomes second nature, and if you give them what's important, what they need, they will grow beyond your wildest expectations.  A green thumb is oftentimes honed in the most desolate of soil, but if you have the patience of a gardener's hand, you will be blessed with the most beautiful of harvests. 

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