Friday, July 6, 2012

Glass House

I live in a glass house-
One that I cannot escape.
How I would love to throw rocks
And shatter
Everything that encloses me. 
From the inside of my glass house-
I can see
Unfolding around me.
I press my hand to the glass
I feel their laughter resonate.
I see their happiness.
I long to be with them,
To be one of them.
My insides shatter every single day
As I watch this unfold around me.
With every step forward,
I wince in pain
As the shards of my broken heart
Pierce my feet.
But onward I must trek.
I have no choice. 
Someday, I will destroy this house
That traps me. 
And, I will have the cuts to prove it.
The battle scars of a wounded heart.

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