Thursday, July 19, 2012


Once upon a time, before I was born, I imagine God placing his hand on me and deciding my fate.  When I think about this, I am overcome with emotion.  Why was I chosen to be so blessed?  So lucky?  What did He see in me that would warrant such love?  I pray that even in my times of turmoil, when I lose my way, I can always see the silver lining God has had in place for me.  And in those times that I do forget, I pray that He will continue to surround me with beacons of hope that will guide me.  One day, when this journey here on Earth is through, and I meet  my Maker, I pray I remember to thank Him.  Thank Him for the good and even more so for the bad, because had I not been tested in my faith, in the times that left me sullen and searching for a reason to go on, I do not think I would have found what He indended for me to find.  It's easy to see all of the beautiful things that surround you when the seas are calm, but even harder when the waves come crashing in.  But it's in those times that your character is built, and it's built on a very solid foundation.  Those are the moments that your journey leads you home.  I am lucky, indeed.

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