Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Heart in My Hand

So this is what it's like to hold your heart in your hand. I imagine my entire world sitting perilously on the cusp of my fingertips. One false move and it will go tumbling down into the great unknown. I feel so ill-equipped. When did I become qualified for such an endeavor? The last I knew, I was a child, a wife, a new mother, the world within my grasp, and now, I am forever changed. How can I ever deal with such a thing? How do I go about redefining myself? I wish I had the answers, but sadly, I don't. I am on this journey, the same as everyone else..trying to find my way in the dark. Searching for answers the same as every soul out there. I just hope that one day, I can find my peace in all of this, in this wonder of living. I guess that's what we're all searching for, whether we know it or not, to find comfort in what surrounds us, in what we hold dear, in this thing called life.

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