Friday, September 14, 2012

A Meeting Amongst the Stars

Tonight as I lay me down to sleep,
And I pray the Lord my soul to keep-
I hold tight the wish I wish with all of my might,
To see you in my dreams. 

As the twilight of sleep begins to grace my thoughts,
I want nothing more than to meet you amongst the stars.
And dance a dance,
Entwined in each other's open arms. 

No words need to be spoken.
To dance cheek to cheek-
And heart to heart,
Would fill me with enough happiness to make my world go 'round.

To just be near you once again.
To kiss you upon your head and hold your hand.
Shed one tear, or one hundred,
Would possibly give me just enough strength to get through tomorrow.

So, if I am lucky-
Tonight might be the night that God grants me the peace of forgetting,
That moments like this may not exist here on earth,
But, if I am fortunate, I will have my meeting amongst the stars. 

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