Friday, June 29, 2012

Through the Forest, I Run

Through the dense forest I run.  I trample through the underbrush as sunlight rains through the canopy.  I run swiftly.  My clothes are tattered and I am scarred by the thorns as they pass by my face.  I scream; a guttural, ethereal scream that resonates from the deepest part of my being.  It dares not make a sound, for this anguish is unparalleled.  I fall, exhausted, mercifully at the water’s edge and I weep--knowing my tears fill an ocean of grief.   Finally, I have the strength to open my eyes.  As I gaze at the reflection before me, I notice that I am not alone, He is there.  He has always been there.  Gently, I feel a hand on my shoulder and I am raised to my feet, ready to walk a new direction, guided by the hand of God. 

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