Friday, July 5, 2013

Love Deeply

I have a plaque in my hallway that says, "Love Deeply".  When I bought it, I thought it was a nice decoration.  And, then, life happened. 

It had crossed my mind to get rid of it before Trek's diagnosis and before my dad's, too.  Then, I thought about what it means. 

To "love deeply" means that you are there for those you love without hesitation.  It means that you're there during Fragile X and cancer. 

To "love deeply" means that you don't back down.  It means that you love harder.  You love stronger.  You love no matter what the outcome is.  Because that's what you would want from them.

To "love deeply" means that you stick it out.  It means that you're scared beyond any kind of scared you've ever been. 

To "love deeply" means that you have to be willing to let go.  To let go of a child who hasn't passed and to let go a father that is. 

To "love deeply" will smash your heart.  It will test your soul.  But, to "love deeply" will give you the strength to give it to God.  To let it go. To trust.  To hope.

To know and to understand that it will be okay to "love deeply".

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