Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Am a Farmer

I am a farmer,
But I am not the typical farmer of my youth.
I do not harvest crops of the earth.
The crops I tend are buried deep within my soul.
They are the water of life,
In which my future depends on.
I cultivate a crop that does not rely on the weather
Of this physical world.
I am a farmer of my future.
When the weeds of despair, anguish, and hurt sprout up,
It is my job to rid my soul of the pain and hurt,
Which will certainly take root if I don't act quickly.
Sometimes, I allow them to flourish.
I spend too much time in their company,
But, my time is not reciprocated.
In the end,
When I am eventually ready to cut myself away from the hurt,
Those crops have taken root,
And, sadly their roots are strong.
Fortunately, also grown deep within me are the means I need
To eradicate them.
I harvest the pain with love.
I harvest the hurt with family.
I banish the unbearable with faith.
The unseen victors that are stronger than any foul weed that comes my way.
Thankfully, the seeds of love have been planted deep within the confines of my being.
I just need a reminder of the machinery I need to overcome the disappointment that creeps my way.
Faith, family, and friends.
The founding fathers that my own father based his life upon have taken root within me,
And no matter how cold the winter,
How sparse the harvest,
And how dim the sun,
Those ideals that matter are bigger and stronger than any adversity that will come my way.

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